First of all you need to have Chrome Browser installed on your system.
Arc Welder  is a much easier way to install Android app on Chrome . It is a Chrome app which works as Android emulator.The installed App can be found by typing chrome://apps/ on address bar.

Step 1:install Arc Welder from google webstore

Step 2: Open the app from the app launcher by typing chrome://apps in the address bar.

ARC Welder

Locate ARC welder in app.Click to open ARC welder.

ARC Welder — a tool to help you test and publish your Android Apps  to Chrome OS using the App Runtime for Chrome (beta), ARC. If you do not have any ARC Apps, installing ARC Welder will automatically download
and install ARC, a large one time download.

Click on Add your APK and point to the location of the saved APK file of your app.

Now important option,on next screen look for Additional Metadata- add “enableExternalDirectory”: true. By this you will be able to select the location of saved files,in case of Jio Music etc. Next you can either Test the app or Download Zip.

You will be asked to Download the package.For Jio Music,you can have this brilliant feature.

What is the Tap settings feature? How do I use this feature?

Tap settings is a unique feature and world’s first which lets you customise what happens when you tap on a song. You can use this feature through the following steps:a

1) Tap on the Left Drawer (Hamburger) -> Settings -> Tap Settings
2) If you click on ‘Play’, on tapping on any song, the song will instantly start playing
3) If you click on ‘Queue’, on tapping on any song, the song will get added to the queue.

Step 3:

Go to chrome://extensions/  

Enable Developer mode by Clicking Load unpacked extension.

select the folder where the zip file  is saved.Wait for few second. Don’t panic if App doesn’t load immediately.  You will see apk is installed as an App in


Enjoy Jio Apps on PC Without a Jio SIM!!!

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