The horrible life of the “Untouchables” in India + 12 –
India lives according to the caste system. Legally, it is no longer vertical, but informally the vertical of this system is still in force. And this power is monstrous.

The word “Dalit”, which it is customary to call Indian “untouchables”, can be translated as “oppressed”. Every day in India, an average of three Dalit women are raped and two of this caste are killed. According to official statistics, crimes against “untouchables” occur every 18 minutes. And although the new president of the country Ram Nath Covind himself belongs to the Dalits, this has little effect on their position in society.
According to Hindu beliefs, people were created by the god Brahma. From his lips he created the brahmana priests, from the hands of the ksatriya warriors, from the hips turned out the merchants – vaisya, and from the feet – the servants-sudras. “Untouchables” are not among these varnas and occupy the lowest stages in the caste system

Today, in India, no one calls these people “untouchables”, but it does not become easier for them. Still, any representative of another class can do almost anything with them. At the legislative level, violence against “registered castes” – another politically correct name for Dalits – is prohibited. But in reality the situation is quite different.

In everyday life, the Dalits perform the dirtiest work: they are engaged in fresh cattle, work as laundresses, clean the streets of sewage. In schools, Dalit children are humiliated by classmates. They are forbidden to eat from the common dishes in the dining rooms and even drink from the tap, which can be used by representatives of the “higher castes”. The former “untouchable” is forbidden to enter the Hindu temples

In the villages, the Dalits live in separate districts. When in one of these villages their homes were surrounded by a wall, protests began. Not because of the wall itself, but because the wire was stretched over it under tension. After the shares, the wire was removed, but the wall was left. The former “untouchables” are often beaten. Any violation of caste customs is cruelly punished. There are cases when representatives of other castes, disturbed by the behavior of the Dalits, broke into their homes and beat up all the inhabitants, sparing neither children nor pregnant women. It comes to the fact that houses are burned together with the inhabitants.

Now India is pursuing a policy aimed at combating oppression because of caste belonging. They are officially allowed to go to school, for them quotas for admission to universities have been formed. There are even 30 Dalit-millionaires, but this is an exception, which confirms the rule.

Police are reluctant to investigate crimes against untouchables. An example is the case when a 14-year-old girl for two months was kept in prison by a man from a more privileged caste and raped along with 11 of his friends. Soon after the girl was released, she passed away. The criminal was released on bail.
Shocking life

There are several ways to get out of the “oppressed castes”. Since it is possible to determine whether a person belongs to a caste only by name, Dalits, moving to cities where no one knows them, they often change it to start life from scratch. But the most common method is the transition to another religion. There are cases when “untouchables” accepted entire Buddhism for whole quarters. But this method is also not universal – from the transition to another religion, the tanner will not receive an education and will no longer earn.

In recent years, Dalits have increasingly organized mass protests, where they demand an end to the caste inequality. “Oppressed” accounts for about 17% of India’s population – more than 200 million people. But even the numbers here do not guarantee success – the history of oppression of the “untouchables” in India is more than one millennium.

India has many characteristics – from the kitchen and the unique architecture, to the statistics of rape or the Aghor sect, whose members rush into people with excrement, drink urine and alcohol from skulls, eat human corpses and create a bunch of other trash. But, perhaps, life untouchable – the most terrible in this country.

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