Doctors at K G Nanda Hospital at Chandauli in Uttar Pradesh removed an astonishing 150 worms from the stomach of a woman recently.The woman, Neha Begum, a resident of the same town, near Varanasi, had come to the hospital complaining of severe stomach pain and vomiting.She had visited several physicians and had found no relief.  The doctors at the hospital found an intestinal obstruction and took her to the operation theatre.Doctors said they had not expected to see what they found inside her stomach – 150 live and wriggling worms. Dr Anand Prakash Tiwari, was quoted byPatrikasaying spotting three or fourparasites was the norm, but this was the first time he had come across such a huge number of worms. Dr Tiwari said worms may have entered Neha’s body after eating green vegetables, which had not been washed thoroughly.Neha said she had been in extreme pain for weeks. Thedoctors had given her immense relief and it was like a rebirth for her she said.

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